Additional Tests/Examination

Additional tests/examination

If required, additional tests may be performed as indicated:

  • blood tests:
    • to determine the degree of dehydration, renal impairment, and/or potassium loss: serum urea, serum creatinine, serum potassium
    • to determine hypercalcaemia:
      • total calcium: in the case of low serum albumin, correct using the formula:
        corrected Ca = serum calcium + 1.0 - (0.025 x serum albumin)
      • or Ca2+ (correction for low serum albumin not necessary)
    • if hyponatraemia is suspected: serum sodium
    • with dysregulated diabetes mellitus: glucose
  • urine analysis if cystitis is suspected
  • diagnostic imaging:
    • if constipation or ileus is suspected: abdominal X-ray, CT scan of the abdomen, X-ray of small intestines using gastrographin
    • if gastric or duodenal obstruction, liver metastases, ascites, or peritonitis carcinomatous is suspected: abdominal ultrasound or CT scan
    • if neurological causes are suspected: brain MRI, possibly CT scan with contrast, lumbar puncture
  • if gastritis, ulcer, tumour, or gastric or duodenal compression or obstruction is suspected: gastroscopy