EAPC 2021 - 17th World Congress Online

EAPC 2021 - 17th World Congress Online

  • Datum 6 oktober 2021 t/m 8 oktober 2021
  • Type evenement online bijeenkomst
  • Plaats Online
  • Organisator European Association for Palliative Care
Contactpersoon Redactie Palliaweb PZNL (Palliatieve Zorg Nederland)
Laatst geactualiseerd: 7 januari 2021

Fliss Murtagh, chair of the scientific committee:

'We are delighted to invite you to the 17th World Congress of the EAPC 2021, online. 

All of us are experiencing growing demand, changing practice, and increasing challenges to the delivery of palliative care. The 17th World Congress “Exploring New Dimensions” will give you the opportunity to be re-energised; to hear about exciting innovations and progress from within our palliative care community, as well as valuable contributions from the wider services and communities with whom we work. 

The EAPC congress provides an excellent time and place to step back and reflect on progress we have made, and to consider the best ways forward. This is your chance to meet colleagues, and to be inspired and re-energised.

In September 2019, the United Nations High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage took place. In the subsequent political declaration, Heads and representatives of States and Governments declared a dedicated focus on universal health coverage, and strongly recommitted to achieve universal health coverage by 2030.  They recognised that universal health coverage means that all people and communities should be able to access and use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need.  

We need to help make this declaration a reality; to ensure all people and communities can access and use the palliative health services that they need. On behalf of all involved, we welcome you to the 17th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care, and look forward to seeing you there!'

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Contactpersoon Redactie Palliaweb PZNL (Palliatieve Zorg Nederland)
Laatst geactualiseerd: 7 januari 2021
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